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Why All-Pro RUSH?

In All-Pro RUSH®: Competing in the Big Leagues of Fraternity Recruitment, program author and recruiting industry veteran Rod Arnold seeks to demystify for the reader the process of membership recruitment, and illustrate why the “rules” which most fraternity chapters have unconsciously adopted for themselves can be a recipe for stagnation, “cyclical misery” and ultimately, chapter death. Using direct comparisons to (and analogies from) the organization of professional sports teams, the program focuses on proper chapter organization that will optimize results during both the short off-season period, as well as an IFC Rush “season schedule”. Arnold offers an in-depth look at the psychology of recruitment, and what motivates “free agent” prospects to join one team over another.

Highlights Include:

*Preseason- Setting goals, and the importance of training camp

*Setting the Roster- Playing to your team’s individual strengths

*Chapter Playbook- Recruitment mechanics and game time rules

*Season Scheduling- When, Where & How to set your events schedule for both year-round recruitment and your campus IFC Rush seasons to gain a home-field advantage

*Managing the Mindset- Team motivation, and understanding the thought processes of your targeted free agents and draftees

*“Sponsored By...”- Marketing your team, effective advertising

*Post Season- Assessing your win/loss record, getting your new draft picks involved on the team

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College Boy

Playing To Your Strengths

Drawing upon a combination of thirty years’ professional recruitment experience, stories from his undergraduate days and the best sales training programs in the industry, Arnold explodes conventional wisdom about fraternity recruitment. The process of membership growth doesn’t have to be painful; in fact, Arnold presents the case that recruitment events should be among the most gratifying days on a chapter’s calendar. The problem, Arnold notes, is that fraternity men have long attempted to take their cues on group communication styles and recruitment strategy from their successful sorority counterparts…strategies which males are neither equipped by nature nor programmed by society to utilize as effectively as females.  Men just communicate differently than women do! So fraternities need to engage a recruitment strategy that plays to their strengths and will yield results in “guy world”.

Are You Ready To Change Forever?

In All-Pro RUSH®, he teaches the skills that have led earnest chapters to double their group’s membership in as little as one Rush cycle. But be forewarned, after reading Arnold’s philosophies, your thinking about recruitment will forever change.






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